OPENNESS AND TRUST – We are open about our plans and we share information. We are prepared to accept when we get things wrong – we want to earn your trust.

DIVERSITY – We value different people’s experiences and skills, and use them to provide servces in the way you want and need.

VALUE FOR MONEY/EFFICIENCY – We deliver the best services by making sure that our time and our money is always spent wisely.

CUSTOMER FOCUS – We will listen to you to improve the way we do business, and shape our services to meet your needs and expectations.

HIGH STAFF PERFORMANCE AND MORALE – We will invest in and develop our staff to provide you with the highest quality of service.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT – We never rest on our laurels. We will always look for ways to improve and do things better.

INSPIRED LEADERSHIP – We challenge and motivate our staff to achieve our vision.

FLEXIBLE/RESPONSIBLE – We provide services which respond to current and future needs and ensure we do what we say we will do.