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Posted on December 13, 2018

Construction firm supports action again domestic abuse

Local construction firm Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction have taken the pledge to support action against domestic abuse as part of the 16 days of action against domestic violence and White Ribbon UK.

Ring Stones employees took part in a ‘toolbox talk’ with their colleagues from SafeNet Domestic Abuse and Support Services – a Calico Group service – to better educate themselves on the statistics and facts surrounding domestic abuse.

The talk led by Alex Atkinson and Andrya Prescott from SafeNet encouraged and empowered Ring Stones staff, both office based and operatives on site, to open up and talk about domestic abuse and violence and if they’re concerned or worried about anything they see or hear, or if they are a victim, were encourage to speak to someone.

The Calico Group, which Ring Stones and SafeNet are a part of, organised the session to raise awareness of the work colleagues are doing, and also to start the conversation on a serious topic.


Anthony Duerden, The Calico Group Chief Executive, said; “It was great to get two parts of our business together and talk about something that affects so many of our friends and family members, without many of us even realising.

“Ring Stones staff really engaged with SafeNet and it was great to see us working collaboratively together to start the conversation with staff who are not involved with these issues day to day.”

SafeNet employees took part in the launch of this years’ White Ribbon UK campaign by marching in Manchester with hundreds of women to support the annual ‘Dead Women Walking’ march which helps raise awareness of both victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Alex Atkinson, Head of Services at SafeNet, said; “We don’t often get to work alongside our colleagues at Ring Stones at sessions like this, so it was fantastic to see everyone being really involved.

“The personal pledges from staff were really touching and being told by members of staff that ‘they have daughters and this is so important to talk about’ really shows how much we all need to talk about domestic abuse and the end to violence.”


Ring Stones, who were commissioned to build Jane’s Place, SafeNet’s complex needs refuge, made personal pledges and signed the White Ribbon UK pledge to support both in their mission to raise awareness and to support the end of domestic violence.

Steve Noonan, Assistant Director of Ring Stones, said; “Domestic abuse isn’t a topic we talk about generally day to day and it’s not a conversation our operatives have on site, but this session today has made us all realise how much we should open up about issues like this and how important it is we all make our pledges too.”

The <em>16 days of action</em> campaign runs from 25<sup>th</sup> November – 10<sup>th</sup> December each year.

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