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Posted on January 27, 2021

Ring Stones Completes £3m Bungalow Build in South West Burnley

Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction has recently completed a £3m affordable homes project in South West Burnley.

The 15 month build on Florence Avenue has created 24 high quality bungalows, which will help to build a new multi-generational neighbourhood.

The project continued throughout the various lockdowns – bar an initial closure in March and April 2020 for 7 weeks – and the team have worked hard to overcome the barriers faced.

Health and safety has been paramount and additional measures have continuously been in place, such as COVID-specific risk assessments, one-way systems, dedicated working zones, extra wash stations and increased cleaning regimes.

Ring Stones has used local suppliers and sub-contractors during this project, supporting the local economy. Before the pandemic, the team also welcomed a number of 15 -18 year olds onto the site for a short period, to help them gain work experience and valuable insight into the construction industry.

James Macaree, Managing Director at Ring Stones said, “This project has provided much-needed accessible and affordable homes for those in the area. It’s great to see the land used in such a productive way. I’m proud of my colleagues for working safely through a difficult period to make sure the homes were completed on Florence Avenue as planned.”

Florence Ave CGI Ring Stones BTP Architects
CGI image courtesy of BTP Architects
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