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Posted on July 23, 2021

Ring Stones Work with Local Nursery Children to Name New Mascot – Meet ‘Buddy Bear’

Ring Stones recently worked with children at Taywood Nursery School, Burnley, to come up with a name for their company mascot. The nursery is located close the Tay Street development which Ring Stones are currently working on to create 42 affordable homes.

Ring Stones work closely with the local community by creating local employment opportunities, being an ethical company, and raising the profile of jobs in construction. They tasked children at Taywood Nursery School with ‘caring for’, and subsequently naming the fuzzy teddy bear, with prizes on offer for the winning class.

The children have been taking a keen interest in the work that Ring Stones, and groundwork subcontractors, Blackoak Surfaces, has been carrying out on the nearby Tay Street development. The nursery children recently donned their own hi-vis vests to watch the cranes and other equipment through the safety of the site fencing.

After careful deliberation from the judges at Ring Stones and Blackoak Surfaces, the name ‘Buddy Bear’ was picked as a winner for the mascot. Ring Stones Assistant Site Manager, Ryan Lockwood, and Banksman, Dale Altham presented the class with their prizes, which consisted of various reading and colouring books about vehicles and construction.

Ryan says, “It’s been great to see how interested the children at Taywood Nursey School are in the work we’re doing on the nearby site. Our mascot has been nameless for some time so we thought this would be a great opportunity for the children to get involved in a safe, creative way. Working with the local community is something that we’re keen to continue doing on each of our developments.”

Gail Murphy, Head Teacher at Taywood Nursery School said, “The children have enjoyed watching the building works and especially like it when the crane comes. All the children liked playing with Buddy Bear and his JCB and pressing his paw to make him talk.

“We had a great response to the online poll, with parents voting for their favourite name, and our youngest children in the Seedling Room were so pleased to receive their books for winning the best bear name. Thank you so much to Ring Stones for giving us regular updates on the works and being such considerate neighbours.”

Taywood Nursery Ring Stones Buddy Bear

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